About Me

I am 37 and a single mommy of one gifted child, Caleb. He is my life and I give thanks DAILY for him. Amazing how having a child can make you see those smaller things in life, that mean so much more. Its this realization that has brought me to a point in my life where I want him to see and experience things life has to offer readily at your finger tips. We are constantly on the go over here, always looking for something to do together. We stay busy at all time, life is too short not too.

I a the proud owner of Mountain Stone Designs a Etsy handmade jewelry shop, that sells and handcrafted personalized hand stamped jewelry! I first started 6 years ago, by admiring another mommy's necklace with her kids names on it and thought to myself " I can DO that" and I did. It started off as a hobby and now it is a full time job!! I make my living at this and love it!
I was originally raised and born down south for 22+ years and a resident of Colorado for 11 years.
I love it here in Colorado, so much too do. Rich with culture and arts and the food choices here are amazing!

If you couldn't already tell from glancing around my blog, I have a love for photography. To me its one of the most beautiful ways to keep track of life and share it with others. Long after I'm gone, I hope that photos will still be around to share our legacy.

I have equal love for tea, its a personal favorite thing for me to do every morning. I start off with 3 cups of tea daily, tons of benefits for your body and so much healthier and tastier than coffee! I am all about saving money and doing things the natural way. I enjoy the outdoors, trails and also biking. Love to read books and spend most nights after the house falls silent and read in bed. To me its better than watching a movie the mind is a creative and wonderful thing.

I have always had a love for writing and keeping diaries {even when little} Its a amazing way to keep emotion's and thoughts off of your mind. HERE is a place too keep track of out lives and then later reflect.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this and to understand who I am, Kelly and my beautiful family. Feel free to read through posts and comment, I LOVE comments. Lets me know someone appreciates those little things like me :)