Saturday, April 17, 2021

Garden cleanup + composting

Finally, Spring is here! While we still have a possibility of it still snowing here in Michigan, it has not slowed us down from cleaning up the yard and prepping our raised garden beds! I can not wait till I can sow seeds into the ground! I love to garden and every year it is such a happy place for me to be. One thing we started last year was a compost bin from Geobin and collected all our waste vegetables over the year and added it to the pile. Combined along with plenty of leaves this left a dark rich soil after being broken down for a year. I decided cold composting best suited my needs, as time is a factor for me. So being able to just kinda toss the scraps in and give it a good stir is ideal. No need to check temperatures etc. This year we got enough compost from our bin to top off our 5 raised beds, which is perfect! My son helped in this process, love that he is learning how to reuse and learning a skill. 

Do you have a garden? Are you planted? 

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