Wednesday, April 8, 2020

What's in my teens Easter basket? Amazon Finds

Welcome too..What's in my teen boys basket post, via online shopping through Amazon Prime. Where I avoided the stores and bought everything online. It worked and I found some pretty cool stuff, looking for some ideas for your tween/teen boy? Here is our basket lineup, cost was under 35$

1. The Titans Curse, a graphic novel. So my son really doesn't care to read books, he would rather game. I'm sure it comes with his age? I love to read and encourage him to do so often but he just won't. However...He WILL with this graphic series. Maybe comics in general? I bought ours from a used Amazon dealer to save money.

2. Universe Necklace, there a ton of different styles to pick from for under $3. My son loves science and outer-space so this was perfect

3. Lindt Gold Bunny Dark Chocolate, these are actually all sold out on Amazon at the moment.

4. Black Basket, Wanted something modern and younger adult looking so he can use in his room to store things after. Its small but perfect to hold little things, gone are the days of large Easter baskets filled with toys!

5. Black Basket Filler, had to match the basket! It came with quite a bit so there's plenty leftover for years to come. 

6. Wall Key Holder, we are going to use it to organize my sons necklaces. He has several and they usually wind up on top of a dresser or bookcase, so now they can be hung on the wall for easy access. 

7. Digital watch, I actually got this for $3 on a Facebook Amazon Deal group with a code, other wise I would not have purchased it full price. Looks cute, I tested it. What is this "deal site I'm speaking of"? Join and see for yourself here, have gotten some really good deals here and saves money. 

8. Purple Peeps, I actually grabbed these on the way out from the grocery store with my essential items last week. (So almost everything on this list was from Amazon)

9. Bundle Fidgets, my son loves fidgets of any kind, he will mess with them for hours. Something to keep his hands busy.  I opened them all to scatter in his basket and they are really cool, so I'm sure they will be a hit!

Hope you found some ideas if your looking for them, Amazon prime members get 2 days free shipping. However with this virus going around it did take a few additional days, so plan accordingly if using them for Easter gift ideas. 


  1. It's so hard now a days to find Easter ideas for Teens. My son just turned 13 it's so surreal and I hate to give him alllll candy, so these are really good ideas I'll have to think of Next Year (:

  2. I like the basket lineup.


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