Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Reasons why I love Christmas

This time of year is one of my personal favorites, all your senses are heightened. The smells, the feels, sounds the sights. It's so much to take in. I wanted to curate a list of my own top 8 reasons why I love Christmas. Enjoy.

1. I have the chance, to help others. To help those less fortunate. Doing so stirs something in me, its a feeling of accomplishment. I know what it feels like to have less, so once a year when my shop sales are doing well I donate or help someone in need. This is what I have been doing this year, I created a Facebook fundraiser to fill a local pantry that is always empty. Feel free to donate here

2. Christmas lights + tree. I love the ambiance and warm glow from a tree gives, one of my favorite things to do is sit in front of the tree and drink hot chocolate and just be. Equally love taking a night off and drive my son and I around to appreciate all the neighbors light displays. They took the time to do it, so we take the time to enjoy it.

3. Family. Gathering. Being together, without restraints and work to do. A day set aside to spend with your loved ones. Time slows down just for this one day.

 4. Snow....I actually typed that and then deleted it and then re-typed it, Ha! I love it, but then I don't but Christmas wouldn't be complete without the White stuff. It sets the tone. I do love that first Winter snow fall, its always magical no matter how many years you see it. Everything coated in White is pure and beautiful.

5.   Giving & Receiving. The act of picking out a gift for someone you love, is so fun in my opinion. Something that you know they will love, the smile it brings to your face when you see it and just know that's the gift. Same for receiving, because really...who doesn't love a good gift?

6. The music. Yep I'm that person that plays it almost daily. For me its on Alexa while I' cooking dinner. Warms my heart that my son is learning the lyrics to all those good oldie but classics as well, so that one day he may do the same with his kids.

7. Decorating the house. I have tubs of decorations and love displaying them in my home. Its tradition. I have pieces {like those lighted ceramic trees} and ornaments from my childhood that I place out. Its nostalgic and meaningful. Decorating sets the tone for the rest of the holiday. Cheer.

8. Events. All the fun things to do during this time of year. Plays, ice skating, zoo lights, parties. Things to do and keep active.

What are your reasons that you love Christmas?

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