Tuesday, December 3, 2019

DIY: Gnome Ornaments

It's been a few years since I made a hand made Christmas Ornament, so I wanted to find the perfect one. One of this years Christmas trends is Christmas Gnomes. I adore gnomes, so this was just perfect. I found this tutorial on Pinterest, from rufflesandrainboots blog post. I followed her directions, which I will also post below. They turned out amazing!! I took some after pictures as well as the materials that it took. Enjoy.

Materials needed:

wood slices, fur fabric {Mongolian is beautiful but I wanted White to match my decor}, craft felt {again I used Grey to match my living space}, a nose {I bought a bag of wooden circles}, hot glue, twine, scissors, razor blade.

{I strongly encourage you to go and watch her video, I'm a visual person and it helps to watch her do it as you do. I did not take any pictures in this part because, I needed my hands}
1. Gather the ends of your twine or ribbon and tie them in a knot.
2. Using a razor blade, cut the faux fur around the wood slice so that there is just a small bit of overlap. Do not cut through the fur-only the backing. I cut through a few times, this part can be a bit tricky and messy. Don't be discouraged.
3.  Hot glue the beard to the wood slice, add the mustache on top and glue the nose on top of that.
4. to make a hat, wrap a piece of felt around the wood slice , allowing a small bit of over lap. Fold in half & cut off the access. Trim to a rounded triangle and open the felt piece.
5. Glue the bottom of the hat together, to secure the cone
6. Hot glue the twine holder at the top of the cone and then secure the entire cone with glue.
7. Slide the hat over the wood slice, positioning it to scrunch on the nose. Hot glue to the nose and secure the rest of that hat to the wood.
8. Add any other decorations to it as you like, then your done!

These are just perfect to make for yourself, or to gift to someone. I kept all but one for myself :)

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