Sunday, November 24, 2019

Survive the holiday on a budget

Because....some years we are barely making it, things happen. People loose jobs, cut backs happen, un-expected bills/medical, car breaks down. I get it. Things happen and sometimes they happen right near the holidays. Here are some tips, that I have learned along the way on how to survive the holidays on a budget.

1. Hand make gifts! This is my number one suggestion to you. It's super cheap to gather whatever supplies you need to hand make a gift for someone and a lot of times you can batch prep more then one gift at a time from those supplies. So gather what you need and then make several gifts at one time from it. My favorite place to get inspirational ideas for homemade gifts is Pinterest, simply search for "Handmade Gifts" and you will literally see thousands of tutorials on gifts you can make and most times you have half the stuff you need laying around the house. This way it keeps costs super low and I personally LOVE to receive handmade gifts. Knowing that someone took the time to make them, makes them that much better.

A few of my top Favorite handmade ideas from Pinterest.

 Herbal Bath Milk, DIY here

Candles, save money by purchasing a used dish at Salvation Army. 

Room sprays, DIY here

2. Deals & Coupons, I am part of a Facebook group called Deals & Codes Junkies, it's a group that gives you codes, sales and glitches all from Amazon. So if you have Prime, this is the way to save some big time money. I buy items all year long from this site, you can get 50-70% items easy! Just watch their posts daily, my most recent finds from there are: Lotus wall tapestry 4.99, Christmas gnome figurine 3.00, Warm knitted hat 4.00$ - All free shipping. Also wanted to include Target into the deals & coupons area, I just purchased a toy from there for 50% and it was full price. If you download the Target App and sign up for Circle {free} you get a insider peak and coupons sent to you via text message. Then if you have a Target card you get a additional 5% off. There are a ton of things on sale now, this can save and help.

These are a few CURRENT deals on the site I mentioned above, gift ideas for cheap. You have to join the FB group for the codes to use at Amazon checkout. Costs nothing to join and get the deals. 

3.  Do things together, instead of buying gifts. The simple act of spending time together and making memories is a wonderful way of celebrating the holidays together. You don't need money to make memories, or if at best spend just a little and have a blast! You could make crafts together, have a movie night and rent some Blockbuster .99 cent Christmas classics, take a walk in a favorite park in the Winter, Buy a ticket to ice skate {this is typically under 8.00$}, take kids to a outdoor play park, make some homemade hot cocoa. 

4. Bake. Make Holiday fudges, cookies and treats. These make AMAZING gifts and it costs little for the supplies. Plus, a little goes a long way when baking. 

5. Make a list + set a budget.  Then stick to it. I do this every single year, it helps me keep on track with each person and to make sure I don't over spend. 

super cute shopping list free printable here

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