Friday, November 29, 2019

Gift guide for younger teen boys

I wanted to create a gift guide for younger teen boys, for anyone out there needing a little inspiration. This list is built entirely off of my sons Amazon wish list.  My son is 13 and is a tech kid. He has a strong love for computers, science and electronics. So kinda basing this guide off of what I know he likes, but I think any of these suggestions below would be freaking amaze balls to receive!

If you have a teen boy, what are giving them this year for Christmas?

Gaming headphone stand, lights up at the bottom + wireless charging for cell phones. 

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, this one is cool because the case charges them

Chrome Dumbbells, time to build some muscle!

Gaming Chair, tons of really cool colors to pick from. My sons favorite is Purple. 

fidget cube, too keep their hands and minds busy

fishing pole, for the kid who enjoys fishing

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, one of my sons favorite series. He's enjoying the graphic novels the most. 

Adidas Fragrance, something light and not too heavy, trusting the reviews

boomerang, already bought this one, super affordable

Bean Bag, to lounge in when reading


  1. yeap...Caleb would love any of them...

  2. Great job, definitely helped.


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