Monday, October 7, 2019

Sunflower Fields

My soul speaks in flowers. It awakens me from the inside, forcing me to slow down just a minute and enjoy life and it's simple pleasures. Just like my blog says 'little things every day' its these simple things that truly make me happy. I have a handful of favorites, one being Sunflowers. Their vibrant colors of Yellow aid in smiles. Last week my mother, son and I visited a Sunflower farm. We had so much fun, just submersing ourselves in these tall beautiful giants. We took a tracer out to the fields, hopped out and walked the rows. If you have never been to a Sunflower farm, I highly recommend it. We attended one in our state here in Casco Michigan. We started a tradition a few back, to attend a field of Sunflowers every start of Fall.

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