Sunday, August 19, 2018

Back Pack Essentials: Middle School Boys Edition

Wow, Summer is almost gone....My son has been staying with his dad for half the Summer in Colorado, meanwhile I have been picking up extra shifts saving for our last Summer trip. Michigan goes back later then most other US states {not complaining}, so now everyone is in full swing back to school buying. Wanted to share how my 12 year old backpacks packed for the new school year and some essentials that he loves and uses daily in his school.
Wanted to share our backpack this year, it was time to get rid of the kiddy elementary backpack from last year {solar system backpack} and get him one that was a little more grown up. I say this through tears. So I found this one here, combining his favorite brand + colors.
So I went off of what was primarily in his backpack for last year and went with it, this year he was required his first trapper keeper {I didn't even realize people still called it that}. They don't. It's called a zipper binder. Jeez I feel old. I found one on Amazon, they also carry them at Meijer's if you have one. The one I purchased was a 2" ring binder with a option too add books into a X slot on top. This will carry all his subjects, papers, pens etc.

So this is his new setup, below you will find more essentials that he loves and uses, my son is in 6th grade.

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