Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weekend snapshot

What a weekend! Friday after I picked my son up from school, we had the largest wind storm I have ever been in. So large that it up rooted a very large tree in the back of our home, just missing it by 5 feet. We were lucky it landed directly in the middle of my neighbor and I. We said a few thank you prayers, this storm also put us out of electricity for 48 hours. We had to get creative in light & entertainment, we used flashlights to play endless games of Uno once it got dark outside. Was kinda nice to see all the kids outside actually playing for the last few days, times have changed so much since I was a little girl. I lived outdoors and was the main means of my childhood. My son mainly plays video games now, last few days he got on his skateboard and caught worms. I was happy.

So funny, the minute I woke up Saturday morning I realized I had no way of making a cup of coffee. So I had to leave the house and hunt down a coffee shop. We did discover a new small locally owned one and managed a few games of chess.
Because we had lost all power, we ate out a few times over the weekend. One of those places is my favorite small business owned café, right off the river. They have it decorated so cute, with flower arrangements + stringed lights on brick walls. Very cozy.
Sunday morning, my mother, my son & I returned to a very large building indoor Garage Sale for 50% off today! Score some cool items.


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