Tuesday, May 8, 2018

5 Things teachers really want for gifts.

I'm lucky to know, several teachers and was itching to ask them the question. "What do you really want for teacher appreciation week?" Can't wait to share what the number one response was, as well as other popular suggestions!!

1. Most popular answer and my personal favorite, this one really warmed my heart. It shows that to appreciate your teacher, you don't have to buy something tangible. Simply have your child hand write a 'reflection' letter to your teacher, they want to hear from your child just how much that child has been impacted! After all this is the true heart of a teacher! 

2. Gift Cards, Starbucks specifically! Then you can spruce it up like this one below

3. Teacher Questionnaire, I seen this really cute idea on Pinterest that you can print out a questionnaire for your child's teacher so you can get a better idea of what exactly she likes. So there is no guessing

4. Ornaments, so they can remember your child every time they put their tree up!

5. Books, for the classroom as a whole. New or donated!

One thing that was brought up a few times, what teachers really don't want.....
No to Apple D├ęcor. Like at all.
No more mugs, coffee cups.

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