Wednesday, April 25, 2018

my idea of “the perfect day”

Perfect, is pretty much impossible to obtain.
However my version of a perfect day happens in small motions in my life, It's just all pieced together here in one short story.

My idea of the perfect day.
Would start with plenty of sunshine, no rainy clouds no long winter. Just pure sunlight to warm my skin. Every morning I wake up and open all the blinds and curtains, to let the light in. It does something for me spiritually. It wakes me up and makes me feel alive.

This day would happen during a school vacation, so my son could help this perfect day come to life.
We go out for breakfast and have pancakes somewhere, you know the kind with a super goofy smiley face made out of cool-whip and berries? We eat till we are stuffed and leave a large tip for the waiter. This part of the morning we decide to take a ride down to the beach, when you catch it early on certain days in the Summer the fog is just breath taking here in Michigan. There is a certain calm on the waters, it's been one of the most peaceful experiences I have encountered. We would go here and just sit together and hunt for cool rocks in shapes of hearts and colorful pieces of beach glass.

So my mother would need to make it into my perfect day, she is not only my mother but also a friend when I need someone to just listen. She is also a amazing grandmother to my son and he adores his grandma. After the beach we meet up with my mom and decide to go shopping and catch a movie that we all have been wanting to see. Afterwards we stop at a local ice cream shop and each have a double stacked ice cream cone. I eat a peanut butter combo.

The day is passing and in a good way, it's not one of these days that just fly by. Time is almost like its not moving at all really, we are getting to enjoy and savor every memory that is being made.

We decide to go out and eat at one of my favorite local eateries, they have the best chunky soups and cookies. Our dinner table has flickering candles, nothing fancy but just the right amount of home. Our table has a beautiful boutique of flowers. They are all Purple Lilac's, these are my favorite flowers. The aroma is just perfect. We finish our dinners and leave. But not home.

It's dark and its a beautiful warm night, maybe Summer? Here in Michigan we get fireflies, it's the most beautiful sight watching them. We find a area on the side of road where its pushed against the lush forest and pull our car over. We get out and sit on the trunk of my car and just watch them and appreciate the moment. We stay here for hours, passing the time.

Caleb and I head home, we get ready for bed and both grab our favorite books and
curl up and read next to one another. My son and I swap lines from each others books, they are comical books and the sound of my sons laughter fills my ears...

I'm sleepy....
Loosing track of time......
In my dreams, it replays over & over again..

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