Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall in Michigan

We moved here to Michigan a few months ago and the weather has been so much more different then what we were use too like back in Colorado. In Colorado they already received their first snow fall and here {home now} we have been in the 70's still. Lot's of rain here, almost weekly, which is how it stays so lush in vegetation & Green. The leaves are just starting to turn, beautiful colors like Colorado. Seems here your more true to getting all 4 seasons, which is really exciting. Red's, Orange's and Yellow trees scattered everywhere. Such a beautiful time of year and really my favorite. I love nature and appreciate the beauty that is all around. Little things like the sound of crunching leaves under foot, cool breezes and cooler nights that I love so much.

Are you experiencing Fall weather where you are?

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  1. I loved these photos. I used to live in michigan, and i miss their fall so much! the colors are always so gorgeous!


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