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Did you know I based my entire last move, not only on location/pricing but schooling. I wanted something diverse and equal all around, to find a good school with a amazing staff and involved parents. We are beyond blessed to be part of the school my son is at, it's been a amazing three years. We have adored every teacher he has had there. So when it comes time for teacher appreciation week, we like to gift something special for our teachers. I wanted to share what we gifted last year, it was such a huge hit!
Credit for this amazing idea here
{also where you go for the printable}
My sons teacher also got a pair of handmade hand stamped sterling silver earrings from my jewelry shop!! Want too see some Teacher gift ideas? Go take a peek here >> MountainStoneDesigns
H O W  T O:

A printout of the card trimmed to a 4×6 size, preferably on cardstock.  
A piece of black cardstock cut about 1/4 inch larger than card.
Baker’s twine 
Target Gift Card

I N S T R U C T I O N S:
1. trim the card down to size, use exacto-knife (on cutting surface) to cut a slit for the gift card.  Follow the line along top edge of the white part of the target.  Only cut the slit wide enough for the card to fit through snugly.  
2. Adhere the printed card to the black cardstock.
Note: Do not put adhesive where the gift card will be.
4. “Cute up” the card by wrapping it in baker’s twine or ribbon.
5. Slide gift card in and give to your child’s teacher!

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