Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A mountain hike and some BIG news.

Ah Spring is finally here, though the weather guy is saying snow for this weekend, this is Colorado and it can snow all the way up too mother's day. Nice break in the weather, for us means more hikes and time outdoors. My son and I love the outdoors and spend it outside every chance we can get.
This time we hiked some of the foot hills here in Colorado and got too see some big horn sheep, which was pretty cool.

Ready for the big news? We are moving. Again. Not just to somewhere else in Colorado, this time to Michigan. I love my state here, however the cost of living has gone way up over the last few years and I can no longer afford it. Because the market here in Denver, is a seller's market I will be selling my condo for top dollar and using that left over money to pay outright with cash in Michigan for a home. The goal is too not have a mortgage payment, it will allow some wiggle room for us. My parents also live in Michigan and other family members, so will be nice to be around them again. It's been 11 years since I lived near my family. We have two more months here and then it's time for a new adventure in our lives.

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