Saturday, June 24, 2017


Changes are on the horizon and I am welcoming them with open arms! You ever get to a point, where you really need change and can feel a big change coming but you don't know what it is yet? Yep. That's us. When I say "us" I mean myself and my amazing son Caleb. So I purchased this home with instant equity, it was very outdated and I flipped it, renovated it and now selling it and using the proceeds left over to fully pay for a mobile home in cash. Which for me means no more mortgage payments, I am also blessed enough that there will be enough funds to also fully get out of dept. No more school loans, no more credit cards etc. This is huge guys. We are moving in 3 days, eek! I just wanted to post here. I have not been blogging as much as I would like too because I have been preparing us for a out of state move. Two days trip to get re-located from Colorado to Michigan. I will post more once we get setup!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Etsy Edition

It's no surprise I adore all things Etsy, I have been in business for 7 years there and not only do I sell on Etsy handmade. I also purchase many gifts there, when I can. I wanted to show case on my blog a few favorite gift ideas from there. Enjoy and comment your favorite from my list!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Another teacher appreciation gift idea

I posted last week about a Target gift card holder for teacher appreciation week, today I wanted to share what my son took with him to school this morning! It's super easy and won't break the bank. We bought a tackle box organizer at Walmart and filled the divided areas with things like: push pins, paper clips, binder clips, erasers, hand sanitizer, hersheys kisses and the best part, two hand stamped inspirational bracelets from my jewelry shop MountainStoneDesigns. We love and appreciate all our teachers, they have such a important job shaping our children's young minds.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Mother's Day Giveaway, 10 winners!!

Over the years I have built some pretty cool relationships with other women who do exactly what I do, hand stamped jewelry. All these women have their own unique businesses and talents, this year we are all partnering up and offering you one of the most amazing giveaways ever!! Mother's have one of the hardest jobs on the planet and this giveaway is to thank you for all you do, to highlight that one time of year that is special to you. Happy Mother's day to all you amazing moms, grandmas and dad's who are mom's too. Good luck and enter as many as you can, more you enter the better chance at winning one of these pieces.

So many ways to win, you don't want too miss this one!!
Open to USA members only, you have 48 hours to respond back via email then moves to the next person.
I check all entries, so make sure it's legit!
Entries are taken via Rafflecopter below.

1. Karen, with motherdaughterjewel
♥ 1" sterling silver heart
♥ Swarovoski Birthstones (choice of up to 2 stones)
♥ Hangs from a 18" sterling silver rolo chain

2. Regina B, with reginalynndesign
♥ Copper pressed penny keychain
♥ Comes on a stainless steel key ring
♥ The rectangle tag is pewter

3. Regina S, with jewelrybyrmsmith
♥ Made from all sterling silver
♥ Comes with a open heart charm
♥ up to 3 bars

4. Kelly (Me), with MountainStoneDesigns
♥ 7/8" copper cupped name disk
♥ Sterling silver heart open frame charm
♥ 18" sterling silver chain

5. Hope, with Sapphire9Jewelry
♥ Latitude Longitude coordinates to any location you choose
♥ Adjustable to fit any size wrist
♥ Made from pure aluminum 

6. Jennifer, with
♥ Dainty horizontal skinny bar bracelet
♥ Can be made up to 10" long

7. Pat, with patsdesign
♥ Elephant mom and baby keychain
♥ Large stamp in the center, made of copper

8. Carrissa, with thesilverdiva
♥ Sterling silver 1" circle
♥ Up to three swarovski crystal channel birthstone charms

9. Lisa, with BlackbirdCreek
♥ Made from real turquoise chips embedded in a white resin
♥ 16" stainless steel chain
♥ Aluminum pendant

10. Jessica, with TesoroJewelry
♥ Mama pure aluminum cuff bracelet

Tons of options for unique handmade mother's day gifts and now is the time to place those orders, I highly recommend getting in orders now if you see something you want in these shops. Orders pile high for us during Mother's day, shop early and beat the crowd!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, April 27, 2017

among the flowers

Botanical bliss, I love this place and going to miss it when we move. Botanical gardens of Denver, is such a lovely place to spend time with your camera. Caleb and I went, "one last time" before we move. I love that Spring has just started here and colors are beginning to show. I started a photography store that you can now buy prints of my pictures! If interested go too: littlethingseveryday and check out my prints!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A mountain hike and some BIG news.

Ah Spring is finally here, though the weather guy is saying snow for this weekend, this is Colorado and it can snow all the way up too mother's day. Nice break in the weather, for us means more hikes and time outdoors. My son and I love the outdoors and spend it outside every chance we can get.
This time we hiked some of the foot hills here in Colorado and got too see some big horn sheep, which was pretty cool.

Ready for the big news? We are moving. Again. Not just to somewhere else in Colorado, this time to Michigan. I love my state here, however the cost of living has gone way up over the last few years and I can no longer afford it. Because the market here in Denver, is a seller's market I will be selling my condo for top dollar and using that left over money to pay outright with cash in Michigan for a home. The goal is too not have a mortgage payment, it will allow some wiggle room for us. My parents also live in Michigan and other family members, so will be nice to be around them again. It's been 11 years since I lived near my family. We have two more months here and then it's time for a new adventure in our lives.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Did you know I based my entire last move, not only on location/pricing but schooling. I wanted something diverse and equal all around, to find a good school with a amazing staff and involved parents. We are beyond blessed to be part of the school my son is at, it's been a amazing three years. We have adored every teacher he has had there. So when it comes time for teacher appreciation week, we like to gift something special for our teachers. I wanted to share what we gifted last year, it was such a huge hit!
Credit for this amazing idea here
{also where you go for the printable}
My sons teacher also got a pair of handmade hand stamped sterling silver earrings from my jewelry shop!! Want too see some Teacher gift ideas? Go take a peek here >> MountainStoneDesigns
H O W  T O:

A printout of the card trimmed to a 4×6 size, preferably on cardstock.  
A piece of black cardstock cut about 1/4 inch larger than card.
Baker’s twine 
Target Gift Card

I N S T R U C T I O N S:
1. trim the card down to size, use exacto-knife (on cutting surface) to cut a slit for the gift card.  Follow the line along top edge of the white part of the target.  Only cut the slit wide enough for the card to fit through snugly.  
2. Adhere the printed card to the black cardstock.
Note: Do not put adhesive where the gift card will be.
4. “Cute up” the card by wrapping it in baker’s twine or ribbon.
5. Slide gift card in and give to your child’s teacher!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hand Stamped "Blessed" Bracelet Cuff Giveaway

Can I tell you just how hard it is as a small business owner to get a loan on a home? 
The many "proof of" that are required. I believe I am on document 72 that has been uploaded. I have reached the one month and two week period of this process. We are not moving, however taping into my homes equity to pay off dept and further renovate our small condo. By our, I mean my son and I. It's been a little lengthy and I am far past ready to get it all closed. It's literally any day now I can get a date to sign and be debt free. 

With all of this stuff in life that happens, it can be easy to forget just how "blessed" we truly are. I am forever grateful for every small step that I take to get us closer to the goals we set. 
I am blessed.
Happy to be alive and well.
Let's do a giveaway for one of my Hand Stamped Bracelets.
This one is in Yellow Brass and says "blessed".
These come from a line of best sellers from my Etsy shop, I offer them in copper, brass and aluminum silver. Light weight and beautiful stacked.
Love this product? Want one of your own?

Go here to my Etsy shop  MountainStoneDesigns

How do I enter to win this?
Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below, complete requirements for points. More the points, the better chance at winning it! I DO check entries, so be sure it can be verified.
This is open to USA citizens only
Must be 18 or older
Giveaway runs for 7 days
Winner will be contacted via email, if no response in 48 hours spot will move to another winner.
That's it! Good luck!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Broadmoor Seven Falls

It's teasing us here in Colorado, bright sunny warm days. Seventy degrees plus, though I know Winter is not fully over. We can still get snow for another two months, however we have been truly enjoying this time outdoors. We are outdoors people, my son and I. There are too many beautiful destinations here in my state, to be in doors. I have lived here in Colorado for 11 years and we are still doing new things all the time. New adventures around every corner.
This last weekend we went on a hike in Colorado Springs to The Broadmoor Seven Falls, it was truly beautiful. Not for the faint of heart when it comes to heights. We logged away near 500 stairs that day. Stairs that are hung on the side of this mountain. It was amazing!