Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cray Fishin'

Another Summer tradition, cray fishing.
We do this every year and Caleb brought along his best friend to do it with him.
We found a perfect spot that we return to every summer, we wait till the waters are low and these critters are hungry. We tie a cheap hotdog on a string and then onto a stick and lure them out of their muddy homes to feast. Then we slowly pull them into a area we can scoop them up with our nets. Sure way to have fun with boys! This mama is not scared too get right down there with them, I was raised in the country and did this ourselves.

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  1. Living in Texas, they're always called crawfish or crawdads. But when I was growing up in Wisconsin we always called them crayfish. It's nice to see someone else using the "correct" term. ;)


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