Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunflower Fields

My son and I walk through these bright rolling hills of Sunflowers, we smile at each other as the Sun warms our faces. We found it. A sunflower field.
My son and I admire all the distance that is Yellow and he looks up at me
"Mom, I will ALWAYS remember this".
"I love you"
THIS my friend is what being a mother is all about, to hear these words let me know I'm doing a good job.
THIS makes everything worth it, a hundred times over.
Thank you Lord for small blessings, thank you for the beauty of life that is set here for us to admire and enjoy.
I keep up with a local weather man on my Facebook page, my son adores this guy. He loves that his job is something he wants to do one day when he is older. A role model if you will. So we were tipped off from another photographer that near our Airport here in Denver, CO were some Sunflower farms. They were a bit tricky to get too as a Google map location was not exactly set. I did find some other websites that converted coordinates through GPS to a way the phone could find it. We found it perfectly. What a gem to find. Beautiful to the eyes and soul.


  1. This is a fantastic photo set; I can only imagine how delighted you were to walk there. Beautiful memories.


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