Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites #17 // September Edition

I can't wait to share with you on Monday the beautiful Sunflower fields that my son and I went to this last weekend.

I looked back and its been like six months since I did a Friday favorite, its time for another one! I love looking through all the endless possibilities in the world of things. I seem to favorite Etsy as they are all hand crafted from people like you and me and not this main stream junk from the stores. Items that have meaning on some type of level. Plus ya know Christmas is like only 106 days away, so I need to start posting some cute gifting ideas! I thought what a great idea to search for things that are impacting and surrounding me in September.
This last month has been the month of cucumbers in my garden, one seed has produced several dozen of cucumbers. So yummy! {Not the soap}

With my son going back to school and joining the PTCO, things have been a bit stressful and busy the last few months. Wine has helped me get those not so good days. How cute is this rack?!

We have had a ton of bees this year, I planted cosmos and sunflowers and the large bumble bees love them. Without these pollinators we would not have our garden and food to harvest.

Now that it's cooling off, we starting hiking. One of the most things I LOVE about Colorado are the trails here. The scenic views are amazing.

I started Yoga this last month, never in a million years did I realize what a fantastic workout it is! I was sweating after and it takes ALOT to get me to sweat.

The month for berries, specially raspberries.
We went to a you pick it farm a week, ago, pictures to come

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  1. This is a lovely collection, thank you for sharing! I love that handmade soap by the look of it, I think I might give it a try. And how clever of you to do yoga, it is indeed a wonderful thing for your mind and health! All the best!


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