Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our Community Garden

My corn plot, predicting around 60+ ears of corn from this one.
This is our second year, with a all Organic community garden and we are having a blast. My son and I live in a condo, so there is no back yard to grow a garden in. I found many places to garden as a community here in the Denver metro area. This year we obtained two plots and planted double then last year. I drive 10 minutes everyday to water, weed & harvest the two plots. This year I planted some new things and excited too see how it all comes out. I'll create another post when I harvest some of my largest plants. I wanted to show you a little tour of our plots.

Vertically growing watermelon, to have better use of my space. Created a sling from pant hose for the watermelon to hang in

Cuttable flowers for my vase at home, Pumpkin vines have three pumpkins so far. I made two mounds of them and recently cut all vines back to focus its growing energy on the fruits.

I'm also vertically growing my cucumbers, so much easier

Golden Green Beans

I have two zuchinni plants, Bell Peppers, Lettus for salads, broccoli

My son finds quite places to play and have time to himself with nature

Starting to harvest quite a bit now on a weekly basis, saves money in produce!


  1. Your garden is so healthy-looking, it's lovely to see! Love the idea of using a community plot.

  2. This garden is fantastic!

  3. What a great way to spend some extra quality time with your son. It's truly beautiful. Can't wait to see more of your harvest. :)


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