Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bishop's Castle, CO

Just like that, summer is over. My son returns back to school in two days, I have taken a break from blogging during his time off so we could spend more time enjoying our summer. We had so much fun! I wanted to share this trip with you all, we took it last month here in Colorado. Its a handmade castle called "Bishops Castle" If you ever come to Colorado, you gotta see this place! It was amazing, tucked into the mountains, nothing around. Just a beautiful castle. It has many levels, lots of stairs and artistically pleasing visuals for the eyes.

See the round ball, you can climb into there, a winding staircase leads too it, we went on the bridge on top and it would sway with the wind.

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  1. What a beautiful castle! And the landscape is gorgeous too! I'm not sure I could have gone on a swaying bridge though!!


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