Monday, August 29, 2016

Flying a kite, some thoughts.

You ever hear that saying "Go fly a kite?"
Yea, we did it and loved it.
We found this one at a thrift store half off for like 2$ and had so much fun doing it, it was exciting for Caleb to try and get it to stay in the air without crashing to the ground and getting it off the ground was the best part!
As a lot of you know, I am a single mother of one. This little boy here is my world, I love him with all my heart. Every little moment I share with him means the world. Too see his smile on his face and hear his laughter lets me know I'm doing OK.
Its hard at times, being solo with no help or support from another man. But I am learning over the years, just how to be independent and how to manage this life on my own. I'm growing in strides and re-finding who I am day by day.
Times like these I realize "Hey I can do this"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Denver Botanical Garden

One of our favorite places to go here in Denver, is the botanical gardens. We go several times a year, so many beautiful spots to tuck yourself into. Not to mention all the gorgeous flowers, my favorite are the lilacs. They smell super amazing. If your in the area, stop by you won't be disappointed and be sure to bring your camera.

Monday, August 22, 2016

SafeSplash Swim School

So my son Has been Swimming on his own for a little over a year now, I started off doing private lessons for around eight months. However, for a single mother this can add up quickly per week of lessons. It was time to give it a break. Then I was approached by a manager from safesplash swim school asking if I would be interested in blogging about their swim school in exchange for 4 weeks of free lessons. I can't tell you how thrilled I was!! I think its amazing this company searches out bloggers like myself for a honest review in exchange for their lessons.
The first step was calling in our scheduled time for the lesson, this process was fast and quick.
I was pleased there are a few safe swim schools in my city, the closest being only 5 miles away!
Our school was located in a 24 hour fitness
The receptionist was nice and let me know where to go
We found the pool and went inside, there was a small table and a sign up sheet.
I was un-sure how to sign in and pretty sure I signed in the wrong spot.
The first day was not a good one for us, the instructor communicated they were short staffed and over booked for that class. My son was placed in a glass that was just learning to swim {he already knows most strokes} so he was pretty bored and was wanting to show off what he knew. There were too many kids for that one instructor so each kid only got around 1-2 minutes with him.
The classes are 30 minutes.

The second lesson we showed up, same instructor and luckily this time my son was placed with other kids who were on his same level and above. The instructor was really nice, maybe a little to soft for my son. My son personally needs someone to physically touch and show him the strokes. This was all verbal and no touching. Which just may be their policies.
The pool is little, lanes are full. All kids had to share on lane. Which lead to some bumps and touching of other kid swimmers.
The bathrooms and changing rooms of 24 hour fitness were clean
They did offer a standing shower near the pool to rinse off in
The hot pool tub was closed down
Over all it was Ok, I really wish they would be more hands on with their strokes. Demonstrating by touch how to do them. If your looking for someone super nice and kind, soft and low spoken this place is just right for you!! My son is high energy and amped and needs a little more direction.
Thank you for the offer Safe Splash School!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our Community Garden

My corn plot, predicting around 60+ ears of corn from this one.
This is our second year, with a all Organic community garden and we are having a blast. My son and I live in a condo, so there is no back yard to grow a garden in. I found many places to garden as a community here in the Denver metro area. This year we obtained two plots and planted double then last year. I drive 10 minutes everyday to water, weed & harvest the two plots. This year I planted some new things and excited too see how it all comes out. I'll create another post when I harvest some of my largest plants. I wanted to show you a little tour of our plots.

Vertically growing watermelon, to have better use of my space. Created a sling from pant hose for the watermelon to hang in

Cuttable flowers for my vase at home, Pumpkin vines have three pumpkins so far. I made two mounds of them and recently cut all vines back to focus its growing energy on the fruits.

I'm also vertically growing my cucumbers, so much easier

Golden Green Beans

I have two zuchinni plants, Bell Peppers, Lettus for salads, broccoli

My son finds quite places to play and have time to himself with nature

Starting to harvest quite a bit now on a weekly basis, saves money in produce!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bishop's Castle, CO

Just like that, summer is over. My son returns back to school in two days, I have taken a break from blogging during his time off so we could spend more time enjoying our summer. We had so much fun! I wanted to share this trip with you all, we took it last month here in Colorado. Its a handmade castle called "Bishops Castle" If you ever come to Colorado, you gotta see this place! It was amazing, tucked into the mountains, nothing around. Just a beautiful castle. It has many levels, lots of stairs and artistically pleasing visuals for the eyes.

See the round ball, you can climb into there, a winding staircase leads too it, we went on the bridge on top and it would sway with the wind.