Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Camping Trip // Part 2

After the cliff dwellings we decided to take a hike in the national forest, it was a steep hike and I didn't quite make it to the top. Was hot and very dry and I wasn't very prepared. The views towards the top however were just beautiful.

We went fishing one of the evenings, after the day time shenanigan's were over. Didn't catch anything but Caleb had fun trying.

We also went White water rafting level 3 rapids, this was super fun. We raft every year and this one was awesome, great for kids around my sons age {9}. The waters were so cold from the mountian melt down that we had to wear full body wet suits

Our trip ended with a trip to Telluride, CO. It was just beautiful, unreal. It looked like a artist painted the whole backdrop of the town. Small town, everyone knows each other. Cute and quite with these beautiful waterfalls in the distance. Highly recommend visiting there if you have never.

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