Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break 2016 // Steamboat Springs, CO

Spring break, usually means staying at home or going to the park for us. Every year, I have intentions to go do something fun and every year something comes up ending the idea. This year was different, I made reservations well in advance to the high country here in Colorado. We drove to Steamboat Springs, CO and what a treat that was! The drive was long, yet beautiful. We ran into snow a few times and the roads go pretty bad in a few areas. But we made it! We stayed at a natural Hot Springs, called Strawberry Park Springs. It was amazing and something I have never done before, we were soaking while large snowflakes were kissing our faces. Snow all over the ground, hardest part was getting out of the springs and walking up to the changing cabins up the hills., It was COLD.

We stayed overnight in one of their lodging options called the Train Caboose, which was a actual caboose. Was all off the grid, no one around for miles. When the facilities closed for the night, that was it your alone up on the hill top. It was off the grid, so no electricity just solar powered main light for kitchen and bathroom. No tv/radio/etc. It was dark outside, no sounds at all. It was amazing.

We then woke up and did a very early morning soak, before its open to the public. Non one was around and we had the entire pool to ourselves. Added bonus for us.

We also toured the main strip of Steamboat, lots of fantastic small business shops and food. We got a few shirts and cups for souvenirs and had breakfast before heading out.

My son didn't want to leave, he was in his element. I plan heading there again, but next time o see what its like during the summer months


  1. Wow! I see you had a great time. Your photos are very beautiful.

  2. In this crowded world of ours, it must have been just as relaxing having it all to yourselves as it was doing all the dipping. Sounds great, but not for me these days. I like my comforts too much!


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