Monday, March 21, 2016

DIY Garden Markers

Yesterday was the first day of Spring!
I can't believe it, we won't get Spring like weather here in Colorado for another two months or more. I spent yesterday back at the community garden, pulling weeds and filling in holes in the pathways. Reality, I will be planting next month! I just can't wait. My Spring garden is totally different then my Summer and Fall Garden. For Spring I will be planting: Radishes, Lettuce, Carrots & Beans. Today I wanted to share what we used last year as our Garden markers, super easy and cheap to make. Really, these costs us 0.00$ to make and they lasted the entire season against weather and rain.
What you need:
Paint stirring sticks
Spray paint or acrylic paint
White or Black permanent marker
How to:
Take paint sticks and give a coat on both sides of paint, this year I used left over Green spray paint.
Let them fully dry and then use a marker to write on the Garden plant name
Let them all dry and stick them into the ground
THAT simple.

See one of the garden sticks by my foot?
This was near harvesting time of my garden, they lasted all season! 

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