Monday, March 7, 2016

DIY Bath tub re-surfacing

The projects continue at our newly purchased condo home, this time I focused on re-painting the bathtub. This was done almost 8+ months ago and its holding up beautifully. No scratching or chipping! Very impressed with the results. I bought the kit in a box, at Home Depot and followed the directions. You have to scour the tub 3 times and rinse with a cleaning agent, then dry between each cleaning. Once that is done, your ready to paint. The paint is a in a can. Word of advice, buy a super good high graded air mask. I started with a cheap normal mask, that wasn't enough. I went back to the store in the middle of painting and got a mask made for chemical odors, with carbon filters. It STILL wasn't enough. Do yourself a solid and get those large ones with side vents. This stuff is POWERFUL chemical smelling. Its the Epoxy in in that smells so strong.

BEFORE, no matter how many times I cleaned this tub. This is the way it looked, very scratched and stained.

Do this project only when you have a few good days of weather back to back. All my windows and doors were open, I had three purifiers running. Pets locket into another room with the door shut and a towel under the cracks. I could not sleep in my room for two nights, because of the smell. Do set up a fan after your done to set drying faster. Careful of runs when painting. Tape off your area well, so no splatters hit anything. tape off the faucet etc. This was a very rewarding outcome, its a lot of work but it looks amazing when done!!

HUGE TIP: On the box it said to let dry for 3 days before use, I let it go for 4 days and laid the shower mat down and showered. The next day I went to pull up the mat and the mat peeled up paint with it!! It was NOT fully dry. Let it sit a whole week to be safe, it takes awhile to dry, even more so then the box states. I need to go back re-do a few areas at the bottom now. 

Now to find a good way to make grout nice and White again! I also pulled up all the old caulking with a tool and put down all new fresh White.


  1. how cool! thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I've never known anyone who used a resurfacing product on their tub, but I'm thinking about it for our main bathroom. Glad to know it's holding up well!

    (Stopped by from Etsy!)

  3. Oh, it looks great! Thank you for sharing. My bath is also in need of restoration.

  4. Amazing transformation! Thanks for sharing with us at Brag About It! Pinned to share.
    Have a wonderful week!

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