Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just keep swimming.

I started Caleb in recreational group swim lessons at age 5, every summer I would put him in a class. Every summer he would spend tons of time at the pool and every summer he still did not know how to swim. I tried teaching him, his dad. But he just was not grasping onto the strokes of it. So finally at age 8 I decided it was time to really do something. It finally hit me one day at the pool, when he was with other kids his age and he was the only one {shamefully admitting this} that had arm floaties on. His friends were having fun and he could barely touch the shallow end of the pool.

 I made a financial commitment to his health and well being to have one single qualified swim instructor {Josh} aid him with personal swim lessons. A focused and skilled instructor makes a world of difference. He started off 8+ months ago not know a single stroke. Can I tell you how far he has come? He is getting ready this fall to try out for a swim team. This kid can not only swim on his own, but knows the proper strokes and techniques. Wanted to share with any of you parents who may be going through the same thing and thoughts. Less then a year is all it took, now he is swimming better then most kids his age. The amount of money is PRICELESS for knowledge and skills he now has.

Swim video

Swim Video 2

Swim Video 3

One of my sons strongest areas & favorite is the backstroke

I made my sons Swim instructor a personalized hand stamped keychain for Christmas too

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