Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Finches + Parakeets

 4 months ago I was in at Petco getting our two pet parakeets some new branches and I heard a bird singing on this small table. He was all White, someone rendered him to Petco and his name was Gary {my dads & brothers name}. The owner could no longer care for him. He was so excited when I talked to him, hoping all over the cage singing. I couldn't just leave him there. I bought him. He came with a very small cage. A week later I felt bad that this little bird was by himself, so I bought another finch for a friend. It was a female finch. I decided to breed them and educated myself on the entire process. What a experience. They laid 6 eggs, two did not hatch. Four did. I hand feed two of them. It was so fun. Since then we have gotten rid of two of the babies and kept two. We named the two Hopper and Whisper. Love having finches as pets, they are easy to care for and make the cutest sounds. We recently bought them a longer flight cage and stated feeding them dandelion leaves/cilantro/parsley and boiled eggs. These things are just spoiled. My son adores them. We can never have any cats or dogs due to my sons allergies, however birds we can.

Gary & MiMi {mom & dad}

I was hand feeding here

Our other two birds Sunshine & Scissors
We have 6 birds now
see what's in the center?


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