Friday, January 15, 2016

Kitchen Condo Renovations / Paint, Faucet, Appliances

So far I have re-painted all the cabinets, got new wood flooring. Ready too see what happened next in our small kitchen condo renovations?

we tackled all the lighting in the home.
I found a handyman on Craigslist that installed all the lighting for a very affordable price.
Here Caleb is showing just how excited he is too be shopping at Home Depot.

 Isn't this box lighting horrible?
Little did I know that once you take it down it left good size holes in the ceiling. I had to putty and sand the holes and re-paint all the ceiling. Needed it anyways! New air vents as well. This entire process is a learning process for me and lots of how to videos.

The walls of the kitchen needed a fresh coat of paint, I went with a sand color. My son pitched in some help painting.

Old basic facet, out the door!

I installed some thicker venetian blinds, we had the cheap walmart thin ones there before. This task took me a bit longer having to re-drill holes. I also purchased some new curtains on Amazon and the rod from Ikea.

New stove and range, first time ever owning a glass cook top and it is amazing! Takes longer to heat up but the food is evenly cooked and easier to clean! No more lifting up the hood and cleaning out those nasty crumbs and muck. We also found out while doing the flooring that the dishwasher has been leaking on the floor, so I replaced that as well.

Under kitchen sink, laid down some vinyl tiles

 Here we are so far.

WHEW! Lots got done, next post I will share the kitchen counter re-surfacing and how I did that.


  1. What a lovely job you did! If I may make one suggestion: baskets for the top of the fridge. I feel I can tell you that because it's something I've been meaning to do myself for about 9 years now! LOL

    1. what a wonderful idea!! It would keep the breads out of sight

  2. PS Kelly, I forgot to mention that I came over from Christine, Jerri and Amanda's link party!

  3. Woah, I can hardly believe the before/after! It looks so modern and clean! I love it!

  4. Wow, it's looking so nice! Great job!


  5. Thank you all! :) We are enjoying out new space

  6. Very impressed with your DIY skills! That result is really most professional - good to see your son being introduced early to the ups and downs of home improvements! Just dropping by after seeing you on the Blogging Buddies site.

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