Friday, December 18, 2015

DIY Wooden Clothespins Ornaments + Our Tree

This was another really cool homemade ornament, that we added to our natural themed Christmas tree. It was really fun & simple. We went with a very small tree this year, seeing we are out of town in a few days. It a beautiful little tree, with the cutest Amber lights I found at Hobby Lobby. Its just perfect and will be happy to see it again next year.

DIY Wooden Clothes Pen Ornaments
found here

You'll need:
clothespins {we bought mini ones for our mini tree}
glue gun
wood stain
pretty ribbon

Begin by taking apart 8 wooden clothespins. The wooden slats easily slide right out of the metal spring with a little maneuvering. Each clothespin will give you two wooden pieces – simply align the flat sides of these two pieces and hot glue together. To start the snowflake shape, take two of the ‘glued’ pieces and hot glue them together along the small angle end. Continue with two more ‘glued’ pieces until you have an “x” shape. Insert the remaining four ‘glued’ pieces into each corner and secure with more hot glue. Your snowflake is complete and ready to stain. After I hot glued some ribbon the the back side for hanging.

Our tree

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