Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DIY LEGO Snow Globe

I was making some adult snow globes the other day and thought my 9 year old son would enjoy one for his room and got to brainstorming some ideas. I came up with a Lego Christmas tree water snow globe!!
This one is super easy to do, here is the how to:
What you need:
Mason jar with lid
Glycerin Liquid Soap
hot glue gun and sticks
Lego pieces {we used a Lego tree}
How too:
We started by hot gluing the Lego tree to the bottom of the lid, then gluing the round Christmas tree ornaments on. My son also made some mini presents to put under the tree. We glued those to the bottom as well. Wait till its ll dry and add water almost to the top of the jar and then add in the glycerin soap, this makes the glitter fall slower to the bottom. We didn't use a specific amount around 2 tablespoons. Then add in your glitter, we bought the large chunky glitter so we could see it easier. Then screw the lid on tight, this took me a few times and got a few leaks but finally got it right.
That's it! Simple and fun

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