Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cartwheels in Sunshine

Please please stay a little longer Fall, please don't do that White cold thing I don't like.

I was born and raised Southern, you would think after 10+ years of Colorado rocky mountain weather I would be use to it. Nope. This picture was taken on a beautiful Fall evening, my son was doing cartwheels and running along the paths, at a state park near us. We love this place, lots of beautiful trails, specially during Fall. Since this picture was last taken the leaves have all fallen, or close too, Fall's fleeting last pictures.


  1. Those foliage pictures are so cute and beautiful! Nothing like that here in Florida :)

  2. How beautiful, lovely pictures!

  3. That picture of him doing cartwheels is the greatest. You captured a real moment of life.

  4. Yes, enjoy the fall for me! We don't get that down here.


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