Monday, November 16, 2015

My Sons 9th Birthday // Glow In The Dark Golf

Caleb woke up to gifts in the hallway, kicking the day off right

birthday breakfast pancakes!

My son turned 9, wow time flies! I was excited to decorate for this years theme, we decided to hold a glow in the dark golf party at our local mall. Everything is UV lights and glow in the dark. I started my research early on, I wanted everything to glow! I found a really cool idea to make your cupcakes glow in the dark, with tonic water and I tried twice both times did not work. Every time I would take the batches of cupcakes up to the mall and party room too see if it worked. Then the third time, I tried jello with tonic water, this way also did not work. So all the ideas you see on Pinterest, for me did not work. I went with a two tier neon layered golf cake and then I strung white lights through the bottom of the cake stand and it light up the cake just perfect! 

For the tables I purchased all clear plates, forks, cups, pitchers and then placed glow sticks on the bottoms and taped glow sticks to the forks. I had a glow sticks set of around 200, we had to setup a hour before the party just to assemble everything! I also found glow stick balloons at walmart, those did not work so good if your wondering. Then I found the brightest colored neon shirt at Walmart for Caleb to wear. We all had a great time, lots of work but totally worth it. 

we bought UV light active hair spray to make his hair glow Blue

custom cake, was so yummy & looked amazing

Caleb & his friends

 End of the day, all his gifts! Score


  1. The set up looks amazing! I love the idea of using glow sticks on the plates and cutlery. Looks like it was a good day, and an impressive haul too :)

  2. Definite score with all those presents! ;)


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