Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Pictures // Cemetery

Photography, is another one of my great passions and loves. I enjoy preserving that moment in life and being able to look back on and recall the emotions and feelings of that day. I'm lucky to come from a family line that appreciates it as well, it runs in our blood.

I wanted to take some Fall photos, while the colors were still amazing here in Colorado.
There is a very large beautifully kept cemetery right down the road from us in Denver, we headed there and took some photos.

Wanted to share them with you all.

My son Caleb, is the one pictured here. He is very photogenic and enjoys these sessions with mom

This grave, was the most creative and beautiful one in this cemetery. A enclosed tomb, with beautiful doors and a "mini yard" that has beautiful Aspen trees in the yard. Add the dropped leaves and it was almost a dream vision. If I had a choice THIS is how I want to be at rest. Just sayin'


  1. Hi Kelly, ... your model is too cool and fits perfectly to this beautiful and festive cemetery! :) love this pictures!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  3. Hi Kelly, I love the beautiful fall colors in the cemetery. Some people think cemeteries are eerie, but I find them to be very peaceful! Grew up just up the road from one and found it endearing. My father, who passed away when I was only 9 months old was buried there. Caleb is such a handsome young man. Fun time with mom! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.


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