Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DIY Thankful Branch

We recently took a walk outside and discovered a bunch of beautiful Red, Orange and Brown fallen leaves on the ground. My first thought was "What can I use these for?", So I searched out Pinterest and found out two different things I wanted to do. The first one I will share with you today and another tomorrow. Today, is a Thankful branch. It is really easy to make and looks fantastic!

Here is what you need:
long branch
leaves {these need to be fresh as possible, we picked ours right off a tree}
Decorative ribbon
Gold glitter spray
White or Black marker pen

How to Preserve Leaves with Glycerin

  • Glycerin (We found ours in the first-aid section of our local drug store.)
  • Water
  • Two baking dishes, containers, or trays that can stack together
  • Fall leaves
1. Place your leaves in one of your containers. (We used a large plastic storage container.)
2. Mix 1 part glycerin and 2 parts water.
3. Pour the mixture over the leaves.
4. Stack the second container on top of the first container so that it keeps the leaves submerged in the mixture.

Aren't they just beautiful?


ready to paint

Next you lay them out to dry, you do this for two days. Then I placed mine in a book so the edges wouldn't curl up. Now your ready to spray the tips with Gold glitter, let them dry and write your thankful words on. Now they are ready to tie onto a branch!

Its simple, fun and beautiful!

I found the glitter leaf idea here
and how to preserve leaves here

Ours wound up here in the entry way


  1. I think it looks very nice, thank you for sharing. It is a pity that we did not have leaves in our area right now.

  2. Found your blog on the link-up today! Looks like you all had a wonderful time making this cute craft! It's so important to have reminders of what you're thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. Very pretty! I love this idea, reminds us of what we should be thankful for everyday. Hope you had a good thanksgiving!


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