Tuesday, November 10, 2015

a hike // Golden Gate State Park, CO

I turned 35, it kinda crept up on me this year. I had a good day, decided to hike on my birthday. It was after this hike I decided I wanted to get into hiking more. Once Winter blows through and Spring makes its appearance I will be going on more of these. This time I went to Golden, Colorado and hiked a trail at Golden Gate State Park. It was a Medium to hard hike, nothing like hanging trail; but still a challenge. I decided to get some gear soon to help me make these treks, like a hiking stick, a camel back pack with water and protein bars etc. This hike I wasn't prepared like I felt I should have been. I hiked for hours, in the vast wilderness of the mountains. No ones was around, it was silent except for the rustling of the aspen leaves and few un-know sounds. I would pass someone maybe every 30 minutes if I was lucky. I walked with rocks in the hands in case, something decided to make its appearance. Just what I needed. At one point I just stopped and plopped down on a rock and drank it all in, I love the mountains.

I had to keep remembering every bend and log away the settings in my head, I need a compass.

There were so many parts of the woods that were just pitch Black, you couldn't see far into them


  1. Beautiful photos of your hike! I'd be lost without the wilderness. <3

  2. Beautiful photos! I've never been to this part of the country, and I'm not a very experienced hiker, but I think I would love it too. Getting out into nature (albeit hard to come by where I live) always makes me feel calm and re-energized at the same time. :)

  3. First of all Happy Birthday! My family and I love to hike and do so at every opportunity! Thank you for sharing your day with us at Brag About It!

  4. Such beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing all of God's beauty with us.

  5. I recently moved away from the Rockies and I really miss Aspens in Autumn. Thank you for the beautiful reminder! The red leaf splendid


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