Monday, October 12, 2015

Hanging Lake Trail, CO

This was the most beautiful hiking destination I have ever been on, Hanging Lake trail Colorado. If you are even in the mountains, you must stop here to do it. Its rated "Hard" more then moderate, I would not recommend if you have any health issues. It was a challenge for me, my son and friend. Basically, like we were on a stair climber for 2 hours straight going up. However once your at the top, just wow. Amazing view of a eco maintained lake. The lake has a natural waterfall behind it. Its things like this that are hidden and tucked away, a true gem too see. 

 pretty much what it looked like for hours

Don't look down! Thank goodness for the rails they had in spots

You are not allowed to touch the water, nor swim in it. They do this too keep it all natural and balanced with nature


  1. beautiful Kelly! The space looks so serene and pure. Colorado is definitely up there on my list of places I'd like to visit!

  2. My word, but that's spectacular scenery! That trail is somewhat beyond me these day, but glad you all enjoyed it.


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