Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Contest // Weather Man

The best costume decision ever. My son loves weather, so much in fact that the first thing he does in the morning is turn on the weather channel too see what's going on around the nation. He lives it, he's  well rounded kid that like anything science. This year I decided to do something related to what he likes and found this wonderful idea searching the Internet, not alot of weather costumes out there! This was so easy and fun to put together, we got the microphone and slide on logo box on Amazon. The umbrella was easy to flip out and was purchased on Amazon as well, I pinned his tie to the side and pinned a wad of trash to his leg. Styled his crazy like the wind was whipping it and it was a winner. Literally, Caleb placed 1st place in a costume contest that entered! I couldn't believe it, everyone loved him. It helps that my son is a little actor and a ham for the audience. 
Owners of Nicks Garden Center, where the contest was held.

Placing Contestants, out of around 60-80 kids

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  1. Wonderfully creative and fun costume. Congrats!


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