Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Family + Georgetown Colorado

I miss my family all the time, they all live in New Mexico and we are here in Colorado. I choose not to move to be with my family, because of my sons dad. They have a healthy good relationship on a weekly basis and don't want to take that away. With that said, its hard. Its hard being away from my family, so when they do come the time always flies by way to fast. This year I talked them into coming the very begging of Fall. I wanted them to see the changing Aspen in the Rocky Mountains. So that is what we did! We were a little late in the season, so alot of the Aspen already turned and fell to the ground. However we did get to see some in spots, so totally worth it.

I love the mountains and go many times a year, it truly never gets old. There is something about it all, the hush the silence and detachment from the big city. The views are breath taking and I'm luck enough to say its my home. We spent the night in Georgetown, Colorado. A very small town, tucked away in the heart of it all. We were less then a mile from the scenic by pass called Guenella Pass, its this pass that was just beautiful. Took tons of pictures and wanted to share this day with you all.

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  1. What a lovely part of the world you live in! It must be so hard being far away from your family. You are definitely giving your son a gift, enabling his relationship with his dad. You're such a great mom!


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