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Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites #13 // Halloween Edition

Halloween is fast approaching! Are you ready? All the kids costumes purchased or made? Wishing you all a fantastic Friday, enjoy some of my Halloween favorites and have a safe weekend holiday!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The week of all things Halloween

This is the coolest pumpkin to date, that we have ever carved.

We have been super busy getting things ready for Halloween and enjoying Caleb's week off from Fall break. Wanted to share this last week with you all, it was a busy one but oh-so-fun!

a bag of treats for each kid in his class

 anti-bullying day & crazy hair day

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Contest // Weather Man

The best costume decision ever. My son loves weather, so much in fact that the first thing he does in the morning is turn on the weather channel too see what's going on around the nation. He lives it, he's  well rounded kid that like anything science. This year I decided to do something related to what he likes and found this wonderful idea searching the Internet, not alot of weather costumes out there! This was so easy and fun to put together, we got the microphone and slide on logo box on Amazon. The umbrella was easy to flip out and was purchased on Amazon as well, I pinned his tie to the side and pinned a wad of trash to his leg. Styled his crazy like the wind was whipping it and it was a winner. Literally, Caleb placed 1st place in a costume contest that entered! I couldn't believe it, everyone loved him. It helps that my son is a little actor and a ham for the audience. 
Owners of Nicks Garden Center, where the contest was held.

Placing Contestants, out of around 60-80 kids

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Patch // Anderson's Farm Colorado

My parents came to visit and we did a few Fall activities, first the mountains and then we headed over to Anderson's Farm here in Colorado. They have one of the best pumpkin patches I have ever seen! Large ones, that are real with pumpkins still in the vine. One of ours we had to twist off the vine, its real. I have something against these brick stores that sell pumpkins out of a box or in a small area they say is a "patch", its not a patch! Rant over, ha! 
So we had fun and we will return every year to enjoy everything this large farm has to offer

 They have one of the largest mazes in Colorado, we didn't go into the largest but did the smallest

Isn't it beautiful? I love the ruggedness of it all

 In the wagon headed back, all the pumpkins were picked

 Caleb's grandma giving him a free ride out!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Festival

I seriously love, love, love this time of year!! Fall is my favorite holiday//season! This time we went to our local large garden center here in the city, called Nicks Garden Center. We have been coming for years, ever since Caleb was just walking. They have lots of activities, foods and decors for Halloween. We had a blast, once again. This time I won a 25$ gift card, for hash tagging our pictures to link to them! I was thrilled as we already shop here, year round

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Family + Georgetown Colorado

I miss my family all the time, they all live in New Mexico and we are here in Colorado. I choose not to move to be with my family, because of my sons dad. They have a healthy good relationship on a weekly basis and don't want to take that away. With that said, its hard. Its hard being away from my family, so when they do come the time always flies by way to fast. This year I talked them into coming the very begging of Fall. I wanted them to see the changing Aspen in the Rocky Mountains. So that is what we did! We were a little late in the season, so alot of the Aspen already turned and fell to the ground. However we did get to see some in spots, so totally worth it.

I love the mountains and go many times a year, it truly never gets old. There is something about it all, the hush the silence and detachment from the big city. The views are breath taking and I'm luck enough to say its my home. We spent the night in Georgetown, Colorado. A very small town, tucked away in the heart of it all. We were less then a mile from the scenic by pass called Guenella Pass, its this pass that was just beautiful. Took tons of pictures and wanted to share this day with you all.