Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar Eclipse, Denver Observatory

Did you see it? Wasn't it awesome last night? I know lots of you were saying on Facebook that the clouds were blocking it. We were lucky enough last night to get a perfect view for at least a hour at its total, then the clouds moved in. We went to a observatory and got too see the eclipse on 4 different telescopes and one 100 year old scope. My son Caleb was with me and he loves anything planets and outer space. This was his first time seeing the moon through a telescope, I got some pretty priceless pictures. The one above was actually aired last night on Channel 7 Denver News station, they liked his impression and enthusiasm!! We were so excited to be on the news.

What did you do? Did you get any pictures?


  1. I love Caleb's expressions, he looks like he's fascinated by the eclipse, so cool that your photo was on the news!

  2. I saw it in Portland, Oregon. Amazing!

  3. Anonymous28.9.15

    So awesome! I missed it, but only because I thought it was gonna be cloudy and then by the time I realized I could see the moon, it was far too late to drive to the beach where I could see it better!


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