Friday, August 21, 2015

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

I never knew a zoo like this could exists, I was in awe the entire time. Its not just a normal zoo, its in the mountains. Its spread with high heights and inclines you have to climb the entire time. Its freakin' awesome!! The best part? You can feed the giraffes! Score. That was super cool to do and Caleb has one let it pet him. We truly enjoyed everything about this place, the view was amazing too. 

if you ever come to Colorado, you gotta make it a point to go visit this place!

This kid was cheesing ear to ear, one of the giraffes licked his hand with much slime as it was eating the lettus out of Caleb's hand. 

There were tears of joy in this kids eyes. 

This guy here I have never seen a animal react to its surroundings, kinda creepy 

Bear stared right at Caleb

yummy huge snow cones


  1. wonderful pictures!!! it looks fun, thanks for sharing =)
    mary ann

  2. What a great place - and so unusual, as you say, to have them in the mountains. Definitely will keep it in mind if I'm ever in Colorado - a bit far presently from the UK!


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