Saturday, July 11, 2015

Being with family + Botanical Gardens

I miss my family, dearly. I live a state away from them and can't move to be with them. My sons father lives here in Colorado, so with visitations we won't be moving away anytime soon. So several times a year, we pack up and make the 7 hour drive to visit. My family comes here to CO as well, so we do get to see each other more then a few times. Time always seem to go by so quickly, then you leave with a hollow feeling in your heart. Caleb always takes it the hardest, he loves his grandma.

So we planned a summer vacation and got to enjoy a week off, in New Mexico. We did so many fun things, one in which was camping in a cabin way up in the mountains. I will break our vacation down in a few posts, took tons of pictures! The pictures from today were from the Albuquerque New Mexico botanical gardens.

 my brother & caleb

see photography runs in our blood, my mom

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