Thursday, May 21, 2015

Snowing in May

One thing I can say about Colorado, is the weather is so un-predictable. One day it can be 75 degrees and the next 48 hours we are in a Winter snow storm. Then the next week it rains every day. This is what is happening to us, we are going through all seasons in one month. Mainly rain, but this month we also got quite a bit of snow. I figured this may be the last snow of the season and why not take my camera and go on a "adventure". My son and I, LIVE for random adventures on trail walks. Its a large part of our life, to stop everything and go explore.

So much of the country is experiencing flooding, we are feeling some of the effects and lots of places are being shut down. We are definitely wet, are you?

My finch feeder, is bringing in tons of beautifully colored finches. We have this one Golden Finch, we named "Highlighter". They are so pretty


  1. Wow! Nature can play some crazy tricks sometimes, eh? We here in Vancouver are enjoying an unseasonably warm end of May...the kids are going wild and are already in summer mode, despite there being six more official weeks on the school calendar! Lovely finches though!

  2. That's quite amazing! The weather sure is weird to say the least. Over to where i'm at (aaaall the way to Romania) we can definitely feel the summer coming.
    Loved the photos!

  3. following you from Etsy. Love your pictures, what a totally stunning place to live. I am in the UK were the weather is generally just 'miserable and wet' and not pretty at all.

  4. These are wonderful pictures!

    In Oklahoma. Super wet here. Wearing rubber boots pretty regular. More rains expected through the next week. But the rain is a blessing as we have been in extreme drought. There is about 4 inches of water standing in my yard as of last night, so it is going down.

    Have a blessed day



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