Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY Easter Egg Tree + Salt Dough Ornaments

I have always admired Easter egg trees and recently went on a quest to find DIY tutorials on how to make the ornaments. I found a great post here that shows you how to make ornaments out of salt dough. 

So my son and I set ourselves down one evening and made our first Easter Egg Tree, its super easy too and a wonderful way to add some Holiday cheer!

What you will need:
-Tree branches, we found ours with buds on them. A fallen branch on the ground.
  I have seen some that look really pretty spray painted White, we left ours a natural color.
-Twine or ribbon
-A vase to put branches in, we found ours at Micheals craft store for 50% off
-Ribbon, optional. Again we got ours half off at Micheals 
-Acrylic Paint
-Protective spray coating
- paint pen, optional

- batch (or two) of salt dough
- rolling pin
- shape cutters
- spatula
- straw, for making holes
- parchment-paper covered baking sheets

How to make Ornaments:

Mix up your favorite salt dough recipe. For this project, I used the following recipe:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt1/2 cup water
Stir together all three ingredients until a dough forms. Kneading the dough a couple times can help make it smoother.

Roll it out (I rolled mine to 1/4 inch thick) and cut out desired shapes.
Place the cut-outs on the parchment-covered baking sheets. Remember to make a hole so you can hang the ornaments — a straw works perfectly!
Bake at 250F for 2 hours.
Once the shapes are adequately baked, dried and then adequately cooled, it’s painting time. I like using spray paint because it’s faster and easier but acrylics work just as well.
Allow the paint to thoroughly dry. Use paint pens to add polka dots or lines of decorations to the eggs. Optional: To further protect the color and design, add a clear coat sealer.
Good bonding time.


  1. Wonderful tutorial, thanks for sharing.
    Love the salt- dough bunnies!

  2. a wonderful lesson for a child


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