Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

I didn't get a chance to post our Thanksgiving, so better late then never! My son and I spent our first Thanksgiving day together, alone and we did great. Last year my son was with his father and their part of the family and I was all by myself. It was a adjustment and a bit of a shock the first year to be alone, as I'm always use to being around a larger crowd one way or another. This Christmas my son will be with his dad and again this is a first for me, always lots of firsts.

So I baked turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, carmalized brussel sprouts, deviled eggs and a frozen pie. It was all very yummy. I had seen this idea on Pinterest, to cover the kitchen table with this printable draw together thanksgiving set, took it to Fed Ex and was only 10$ to print it to fit the size of our kitchen table. It kept my son and I both busy for days after Thanksgiving. Very fun and artistic


  1. Oh what a beautiful table, Kelly! Your first photo is so awesome. Looks like you and your little man had a lovely feast. I REALLY love that you went the extra mile and actually followed through on all the pinterest ideas out there! That table cloth is super duper cool!!

    Popping by from the EBT...

  2. The coloring table cloth is awesome, great way to entertain antsy kids :)

  3. I love your table setting! That's the kind of tablecloth we need at our house. How fun is that?!?
    Well, I'm glad you two had a great Thanksgiving. It will be tough not having him there with you on Christmas, but I bet he'll be thinking of you the whole day. =0)
    I'm wondering if I can find a printable like that for Christmas and then take it to a FedEx near me. It's such an awesome idea! Love it.


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