Thursday, November 13, 2014

Veterans Day

I want to take a moment to personal thank and honor my own family members who have served in the various branches. My family has a long line of history of serving. Thank you so much family for putting your lives on the line and for fighting for what you believe in. God bless you & America. My thoughts & prayers are with those... who have fallen.
Left, large picture: My dad Gary Prososki, US Navy
Bottom left: my grandpa Charles Sr. Prososki, US Army {deceased}
Bottom 2nd picture: my grandpa John Woog, US Army {deceased}
Bottom right picture: my cousin Matthew Coulson. US Army
Middle right: my uncle Lawrence Prososki, US Air Force
Top right: my uncle Charles Jr Prososki, US Army

My sons school honored Veterans day with a assemble of veterans and the kids singing some songs and waving their little flags proudly. Caleb and I made our board overnight and it got hung by the front of the school! What's really cool is Caleb's great uncle sent him his Air Force uniform for him to wear for a few hours during school. He wore it with pride


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! What great photos and your son looks so proud in the uniform.


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