Monday, November 3, 2014

School Halloween Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We went out of state to visit my family and so for this week you'll still be seeing Halloween posts, as we kept busy up to that point. Above is a basket of treats I made for Caleb's classroom before they went on fall break. He was excited to hand them out

 On the same day my son's school had a "spirit" day and him & another little boy did a belly roll on stage for all the school to see. He's so brave and everyone was in tears laughing. He's really good at it

 Then I went back to his classroom to help his teacher for a few hours for their classroom party, they made spiders out of donuts. Love being in the same classroom as my son


  1. Love those donut spiders!!!
    My son's school didn't have any Halloween celebrations this year. =0(
    Kind of a big bummer.

  2. Oh those days.... just as sweet as it looks! Happy November!


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