Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Minecraft Birthday Party

My sons 8th birthday party was over this weekend and we all had a blast, this years theme was Minecraft. I was surprised to find out that the makers of Minecraft have not released rights for many things like: birthday cakes at grocery stores, party supplies etc. So if you want a Minecraft theme, your going to have to make things up and get crafty or find someone that knows how.

I started with Caleb's birthday Invitations, you can purchase them here

I went with basic Blacks and Greens for creeper colors and then drew on the face on the party bags, one of our favorite party treats in the bags were these mine craft sword necklaces from Etsy shop LittleShoppeofPixels, they are 100% customizable and the biggest hit out of the bags.

Another favorite from the goodie bags were these minecraft character printable double sided bookmarks. Easy to assemble, just make sure you use some good glue to hold it all together. We also used a heavy card stock to hold up better and not bend once the glue was on it and drying

You can find the download for the bookmarks here

For the party decorations I went on Pinterest and did a Minecraft Birthday Party search and found tons of awesome ideas, one of the ones we did was create a table with different foods that represented  elements from the game. I found a website here that we used for printable food cards and water bottle labels.

I also found a really cute idea for one of the game elements, to make homemade rice-crispies and dye them Black for Coal. I followed the recipe on the box and then bought the spray tint from Walmart in Black, these were also a huge hit and were told them were good. Speaking of Walmart, I purchased a balloon helium tank for around 22$ and it blew up all our party balloons, as well as a half tank left over for next year! No more paying money for the stores to do it, its super easy and cheaper

Played games of: Pin the tail on the donkey, limbo and glow in the dark ring toss
Opened plenty of gifts
BTW Toys-R-Us has some pretty awesome Minecraft toys that you don't see at normal stores. So for Caleb's cake, as I mentioned above most places don't carry Minecraft cakes. I had to start calling around local cake shops that could custom make one for us. I found someone local here cakesbykaren that made the Minecraft cake, Caleb loved it. I bought the topper figurine at Target. The original plan was to add 3-4 characters, but I forgot all of them but one at home. We were almost late to our own party this year!

Everyone had a great time and it was a awesome birthday party for him, hope this post helped you if you were trying to find ideas and decide if you wanted to go with the same theme!


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