Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween at Grandma's in New Mexico

It was a first time ever to spend Halloween at Grandma's house {my mothers}, in New Mexico. We had plans to come for Thanksgiving, but my mother hip replacement surgery was re-scheduled to Thanksgiving time. Caleb had a week off from school, so we moved the time up. Rented a car and made the drive, was great being with my family. My mother, father and brother all live in NM. We stayed busy and had some seriously well needed laughs all around, always good times when we get together.

Like out costumes? Two witches and a Ghostbuster

We went to the zoo Halloween day and was totally empty {just the way I like it}, this is the nicest zoo I have ever been too! Beats our Denver, CO zoo!

The hippos were pretty awesome

Caleb bonded with this little duck at the pond, it followed him everywhere and let Caleb pet it

Instagram Trip Pictures:

family game night, we laughed so much game of "Life"

My brother Gary & son Caleb

more laughter, they say its good medicine for the soul

My mother, my best friend


  1. Looks like you guys had such a fun time! I love the matches witch costumes.

  2. I love those hippos! Looks like a great day!


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